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Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018

DATE ADDED: 06.04.2018

The Intertraffic Amsterdam traffic convention was first hosted in 1972 and has since established itself as the most important date of the traffic management industry calendar. 2018’s instalment of the annual event once again took place in the RIA Amsterdam Convention Centre - the largest conference venue in the Netherlands.

Traffic infrastructure plays a vital role in the everyday lives of thousands of people around the world. From the basic traffic grids which ensure that people can drive to work to the advanced logistics systems that stock the shelves of shops and supermarkets, traffic management is the key behind ensuring that roads across the globe flow smoothly.

The four-day exhibition began on March 20th, drawing in market leaders from a range of different sectors. For those looking to learn more about the latest traffic industry projects and solutions, the event provided an enjoyable and informative experience.

Once again, Highfields International was asked to bring their exhibition stand expertise to the world-renowned event. Having worked with previous intertraffic exhibitors in both Amsterdam and Mexico, Highfields understands what it takes to deliver bold displays and world-class exhibition stand solutions.

Highfields International’s enviable portfolio features work for leading traffic management specialists such as AGC, demonstrating a keen insight into the world of traffic.

After a successful weekend at Intertraffic Amsterdam, the event joins our ever-growing portfolio of completed projects. No matter how ambitious the exhibition or conference, Highfields can use their powerful Worcester-based design and construction hub to product a range of truly bespoke displays.

The Breakdown
With our unique set-up, Highfields International can provide a full one-stop solution for all exhibition stand requirements. The innovative process can be broken down into four stages:

With a team of graphic design experts, Highfield has the technical capabilities to make any dream into a reality. The powerful Worcester-based studio is billed with creative talent, boasting an enviable portfolio.

Highfields International has once again demonstrated itself as the UK’s leading exhibition stand specialist, using enviable in-house facilities to produce durable solutions. Each exhibition display is constructed in the UK by trained professionals, ensuring the ultimate premium solution.

The Highfields delivery fleet has gained recognition across the globe. The world-class international freight service has provided thousands of companies with powerful conference solutions, delivering exhibition stands straight to the venue to streamline the entire process.

In addition to leading delivery options, Highfields dispatch an exhibition expert to construct and finalise the project. With a truly unrivalled one-stop solution, Highfields International use their leading expertise in the industry to ensure that every aspect of the exhibition is taken care of.

Highfields International is a leading supplier of exhibition stands and conference display units. To learn more about Highfields and what we do, please get in touch via phone (01905 754 158) or email