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Numatic International

With a different product focus, the stand has less products being exhibited and less size to previous years. Key is inviting visitors into a hospitality space. The stand incorporates its own distinct area, with coffee machines, drinks chillers and comfortable seating. An ideal way to designate space is to use different floor covering, in this case a vinyl for the main floor space and red carpet for hospitality. 

Single Tier Stand Stand


6 Product Displays

Feature display of installation van

Frankfurt Book Fair. Taylor and Francis

Slightly reduced size to previous years, but still instantly recognisable, functional, with plenty of book space and displays. The design maximises the seating and meeting space, with different workable areas, whilst still conforming to regulations. 

Single Tier Stand Stand

110 sqm

Meeting space, soft seating

Large and small scale AV

GLEE. Hozelock

Evolving the Hozelock stand at GLEE for Covid. The designed refreshed previous exhibitions and focussed on providing product displays/walls, in their own areas, at a distance away from the central hospitality area. Products could be viewed from the hospitality area and visitors could visit and feel safe.  

Single Tier Stand Stand

200 sqm

14 Product Displays

Reusing stand components to maximise sustainability

GLEE. Yorkshire Flowerpots

This project was an island site which allows for easy access from all sides. The design required organising many different lines of products clearly and professionally with high quality print behind designating the range and the product in a setting. The stand has its own character with the storeroom designed as a shed, with some fun quirks such as a felt roof, iron door fittings and a chimney, that were revealed on the day. 

Single Tier Stand Stand

90 sqm

16 Product Displays

Graphics designating product ranges

“We had endless amounts of compliments regarding the stand. Thank you for your help engineering the Spring Fair stand. We’ve had incredible feedback on the way it’s been constructed etc. it’s definitely the best stand we’ve had!”
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