Do your visuals and plans look like the final built stand?
Yes – we make every effort to accurately represent the final build. To see how we do it, click here.
I have no experience in exhibitions, what do I have to do?
Simply let us know what product or service your company offers and size of floor space booked and we will take care of everything else, creating a proposal and discussing everything you may be unsure of. If you then commission Highfields with your build, we will take care of all the administrative tasks that your project requires, whilst our high levels of service, help and support, is always available, minimising what is, a potentially stressful experience.
Does your proposal and quotation include all costs?
Our proposals include everything needed to exhibit and our quotations are clear and transparent - there are no hidden costs or nasty surprises. (However, orders created after our proposal, such as for additional graphics or manufacturing of units will be charged as an extra). It is the exhibitors’ responsibility to book floor space.
Do I need to get building approval?
No. When commissioning Highfields, regardless of project value, we will look after all the administration work required to gain full building approval and ensure that the building rules and regulations are followed at a specific venue. Generally this requires submitting full Risk Assessments/ Method Statements, plans, (and if required), structural calculations to the show organisers for approval.
My exhibition is only a few weeks away, is it too late?
(Although never ideal), we can still create a proposal and complete a project within a short time frame. It is never too late to commission us with your project, and we will ensure that it still receives our high standard of craftsmanship.
My project requires more than just build components, it requires specialised craftsmanship. Can this be achieved?
Yes – we have in house craftsmen that create the most intricate and effective show pieces. To see what we have recently created, click here.
Have you exhibited in my field/at my particular venue?
We exhibit in numerous business sectors and venues worldwide throughout a year – countless since we started in 1985 – so the answer is most likely to be yes. See our full portfolio. If you require further advise, please do not hesitate to contact us.
I am interested in double deck stands, are you competent?
Yes, very. We build numerous double and triple deck stands each year, and hold in stock several double deck structures, making this option not only achievable but very affordable in most cases.
I only plan to exhibit once - I don’t want a long term contract.
We undertake numerous one off builds for clients every year, and only offer long terms programmes if requested to; it is not a requirement. We will ensure that if you exhibit once or every year with us, you will still receive our high level of service and commitment that Highfields is renowned for.