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Exhibition Models

We can design and build high quality exhibition models and demo displays. If your product or service is difficult to visualise, or you want to create impact and engage, an eye-catching exhibition model will draw visitors to a stand.

Exhibition models can be useful mediums to portray products and services in enganging ways that other techniques may not fully achieve.

Products that are small and difficult to visualise, products that are considered dangerous in confined spaces such as exhibition halls, or a model of an item to recreate a setting where that original item is too expensive/fragile or difficult to procure (such as an ATM machine). 

These models are bespoke for you. We will design them to be in-fitting with your stand and branding, built as per your requirements.  

 These are just some of the models we have created: 

  • Scaled models of your product
  • Oversized exhibition models
  • Scaled client logo (e.g. 3m in height 2 m wide)
  • Architectural models
  • Models to demonstrate how a product works

Whilst considering if a model is the right choice for you, we will also consider if we can achieve the same result graphically (often representing better value), through AV, or through more complex AR or VR. All of these options will be discussed with you.  

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