How to Make Your Exhibition Display Stand Out

Exhibitions are a great way to promote your business and build relationships with existing and potential customers, but getting those customers to come to your stand can be difficult with so much competition. Catching people’s attention and standing out is a must if you want your exhibition stand to be the talk of the show.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to go about this, from promoting yourself in trade publications leading up to the event to offering exclusive promotions or product launches. But the best way is the exhibition stand itself. This article will explore some of the tricks of the trade in making sure your exhibition stand design is guaranteed to catch the attention of visitors.

Be Visual

Demand visitor’s attention with a strong brand identity that sets you apart from the crowd. The use of attractive colors and eye-catching imagery is simple but goes a long way. Also consider how you can include props to reflect your brand identity that will make you stand out. Anything from picket fence around artificial grass for gardening suppliers, to heavy-duty equipment for construction firms.

Other design choices such as seasonal touches or plants may also be a great way at differentiating you from the competition.

Maximizing Your Space

Limited space does not necessarily mean limited opportunity. Smaller exhibition stands, such as our shell scheme alternatives can be incredibly welcoming and accessible. Use this to your advantage with a cozy and friendly design where you can build relationships with visitors that will give them an excellent impression of your business and keep you in their mind.

But bigger designs have a lot going for them as well. More space means more opportunity to show off your products and services, and a lot more flexibility in how you use this space. A large open exhibition stand is great for displaying large products or eye-catching props to grab attention.

On the other hand, breaking your large exhibition stand into multiple distinct sections gives more opportunity to display a wider range of products and services. This also incentivizes visitors to stay longer to explore, giving you more of a chance to encourage them to enquire and make a lasting impression.

Remember: it’s less about the size of your exhibition stall, and more about how you use it!

Let Visitors Get a Hands-on Experience

One of the biggest attractions for visitors to any trade show is the ability to get an in person look at different brands. Let your visitors get a hands-on experience with small samples, trials, and demonstrations of your products in action. If your products are too fragile, valuable, or not suitable for trials and test runs, you can still keep viewers engaged with other interactive elements such as AV equipment and games.

These are just some of the ways your exhibition stand can stand apart. We didn’t even scratch the surface on the possibilities available to you. Whether you have a complete plan or haven’t started brainstorming, we have the resources to make your dream exhibition stand a reality. From bespoke triple deck exhibition stands to pre-designed stands, get in touch today at 01905 754158 or email us at to find out how we can support your exhibition today.