How to Guide


DATE ADDED: 23.09.2015

Exhibitions can provide invaluable opportunities to promote your brand or product. Here are some simple tips to get the most out of the event. If you are new to this platform, or are seasoned exhibitors, keeping these simple pointers in mind will get you the best out of those precious – but sometimes hard – few days.



Part of exhibitions is to generate immediate leads and contracts. Experience has taught us however, that some of the largest contracts can be formed from those who were just showing an initial interest. Inform your sales team that as well as the sale there and then, capture the details of the passing interest for follow-ups down the line. Tell them that for these few days, 'network'.


Data Collection

The key to the exhibition is actually the easiest and that is data capture. IPads, forms etc are all fine, but remember, unless you are very lucky, at the trade show there will also be your competitors... so be mindful not leave this valuable data lying around!


Staffing (Part 1)

There is a fine balance between a motivated team (good), an over-motivated team who are ready to pounce (bad), and a team who think that events are taking time away from their usual sales pitch and therefore look reminiscent to stroppy teenagers (even worse, but does happen). So motivate and train the team on your stand, and make them aware of what you are trying to achieve and why it is important.


Staffing (Part 2) and Stand Construction

Relating to part 1, even with the best intentions, 3 days on your feet, the event itself, different surroundings, MDs, clients, sometimes a strange city, these all take their toll, and it’s understandable that you might want somewhere to rest your feet. However, an uninviting stand is one where all the sales team are sat down looking exhausted (or like stroppy teenagers). To solve this, we can construct a small meeting room or kitchen, tea/coffee facilities, watercoolers with stools and worktops to hide your staff away when it’s time to take a break!



Be clear on your objective for the event. Securing sales and leads are the main ones, but are you also/or promoting a brand and getting your name out there? If you are, convey this to your team.


Product and Presentation

This is more our job than yours, but is so essential to exhibiting we’ve included it. As important to the stand structure itself is how you promote your product. We create numerous displays every year that are creative, different, effective, innovative, but all designed to get your product seen in an exhibition hall. So challenge us to do so. We will then demonstrate how it works, explain it to you and your team until you are entirely happy and comfortable; this tool can then be maximised for the event.



Using tact, convey to your staff to avoid clutter. Half-drunk coffee cups, newspapers, lunch boxes on display, sandwiches; they don’t project professionalism.


and Don't Forget

Your current clients. Invite them on the stand, show them the latest products/improvements and the latest benefits you have for their businesses. A top tip is to include ‘SEE US AT ...’ at the bottom of your organisation’s signature strips.

Exhibiting is hard work, but done right and with our help, you can maximise all the benefits exhibitions bring. And if you have any questions, or need further tips, remember to just ask your Project Manager.